Best $3 Makeup Brush Cleaner


Sometimes makeup brush rinses and cleaners can be overpriced and overrated, however you must ALWAYS wash your brushes at some point. This is so important because bacteria and old makeup can collect inside the brush and especially in makeup sponges.

The original Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar is my favorite way to clean my makeup brushes. It gets every last bit of makeup out of any kind of brush/ sponge and because it is meant for the face, I know that what I am putting on my makeup brushes is also safe for my skin and I don’t have to worry about any chemicals.

All you do is hold the bar of soap in your hand under warm water and swirl the brush around directly on the soap and rinse as you go until the water is clear. Then, simply swirl the brush on a clean hand towel and lay out to dry.

This is definitely the best way I have found to clean my brushes. It is very quick and leaves the brushes completely clean and soft!

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