The Foundation Tip That Will Save Your Makeup!

No matter what kind of skin type you may have, almost everyone can say that at some point during the wear of their makeup, the dreaded T-Zone can get a bit oily (or a lot oily). This foundation tip will make your makeup look fresher longer and even if you do need to reapply powder later on, it will keep your skin from looking cake-y.

What you do is, right after applying foundation and concealer, before you set your face with a powder, take a blotting sheet or a piece of toilet paper and blot your face. That’s it! No extra product required! It seems insignificant, but blotting before applying a powder will pick up any excess oil and foundation so that the powder won’t lock it into place. By doing just this simple step, it will keep your makeup from looking cake-y and greasy earlier on in the day and leave you looking flawless!

This same rule goes for when you want to touch up on your powder throughout the day. Most people notice they are a little shiny in their T-Zone and the first instinct is just to mask it with powder. By just putting powder on top of oil, it will give a very thick and cake-y appearance. So again, blot the area and THEN set it with a powder. You will notice a huge difference in terms of how the makeup wears and how the powder will apply.

If this tip seems familiar, I watched a Wayne Goss YouTube video where he explained this and it has definitely helped me out and made a huge difference. It works for me, so I thought I would share it with you all!

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