Helpful Tips for Applying False Lashes


Here are some helpful tips for those of you who are beginners or just terrified when it comes to applying false lashes!

  • Curl and apply one thin coat of mascara to your actual lashes before applying falsies.
  • Place the lashes on your lash line without glue first to make sure they do not need to be trimmed. If they do need a trim, always trim from the OUTTER part of the lash.
  • You only need to apply a THIN LAYER of lash glue! A little goes a long way and won’t make a mess.
  • Once you have applied the glue, let it sit on the band of the lash for about 30 seconds to get tacky. This will help the lashes stick to your eyelid better and make it easier to adjust without getting glue everywhere.
  • Apply lashes with tweezers to the MIDDLE of the lash line first. A lot of people make the mistake of applying them at the ends first, but this makes a mess and it is easier to adjust and fit to the eye when placed at the middle.
  • When applying the lashes, look down into a compact mirror to get them as close to the lash line as possible and avoid the fake lashes getting caught up in your actual lashes.
  • After the lashes are applied, curl your original lashes together with the falsies to combine them. If needed you can apply another coat of mascara to further combine them.
  • Apply a think line of eyeliner to the band of the lashes to hide any glue or neaten up the eyeliner that was already there.

** My all time favorite lashes are the Ardell Demi Wispies from the drugstore!**

I hope these tips helped!