YouTube Made Me Buy It!- Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

butter bronzbutter bronzer

If anyone is obsessed with watching beauty vloggers on YouTube like I am, then you might have seen this product, the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer ($13), appear quite often. After seeing and hearing about how awesome it was time and time again, I decided to finally buy it. I hesitated a little just because even for a drugstore bronzer, this one is on the more expensive side and I have so many bronzers that I love already. But, I still wanted to give this one a try to see if it was really as amazing as I had seen all over YouTube.

Before I applied the bronzer onto my skin, these were my first impressions:

  • The packaging is adorable but a little bulky because the bronzer pan flips up and underneath there is a foam applicator and mirror (the foam applicator I actually have been keeping in my purse to blot my face throughout the day rather than using it for the actual bronzer).
  • The bronzer smells SO GOOD! It smells very tropical and coconut-y, like a Pina Colada and I’m obsessed. If you do not like that kind of scent though, it is not extremely strong and it does go away after a few minutes.
  • When I swatched the product on my finger, it is EXTREMELY soft, like it actually feels like butter (hence the name lol).
  • There is only one shade of this bronzer. It looks very light in the pan and when swatched, it has good pigmentation, but it is just a light bronzer so unfortunately this product would not work well with deeper skin tones. I have olive skin, but if you are much tanner than that, I would probably pass on this product.
  • Also when swatched, the product does have a very very slight shimmer to it, almost more of a sheen. There is no glitter whatsoever, but this bronzer is not completely matte. I don’t mind this at all though and I think it will look beautiful for the summer!
  • The product is neutral toned.

When I applied it to my face:

  • I use the Morphe M527 for bronzer but any bronzing/ fluffy brush will work.
  • Overall, this product is BEAUTIFUL! I have only used it twice and it has already become one of my new favorites! The shimmer barely shows up on the skin, but just gives a beautiful glowy look (nothing shiny or glittery about it!). This can be used as a contour powder also, but it just does something to make the skin look very summer-y and sun-kissed.
  • I wouldn’t say this product is a perfect dupe for Benefit’s Hoola bronzer (even though it looks like it could be) just because this one is not completely matte and is slightly lighter.
  • The product applied smoothly and evenly onto the skin.


So, bottom line is that this product is beautiful and I think that anyone going back and forth about purchasing it should go for it! It is a bit more expensive, but use an Ulta coupon or wait for it to go on sale at the drugstore. But in my opinion, I definitely think this product is worth the hype!