My Favorite Dry Shampoos

Honestly, I don’t think I could live without dry shampoo. I use it everyday, even when my hair is not greasy, because it adds fantastic volume! I have tried drugstore and higher end dry shampoos and I always lean towards the drugstore option more because it gives the same result while being a fraction of the price. Here are my favorites:

  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo ($8)batisteBatiste Dry Shampoo is my number one favorite dry shampoo! I am sure most of you have heard someone rave about this stuff and it is for good reason. You can find it for around $8 at Ulta or any drugstore. I use the one for brown and dark hair colors, but the great thing about Batiste is that they have a wide variety of products for any hair type. They have a regular dry shampoo, one for red hair, blonde hair, and many more options! This one also does not leave my hair feeling like there is a dry shampoo in it, and absorbs all the grease, making my hair look like I just washed it. I love this stuff!


2. Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo ($5)


This is another great drugstore dry shampoo that is widely available. This one only comes in one type, unlike the Batiste one, but it works just as well. The only gripe I have about this one is that you have to work a little harder to fade out the “baby powder” look in my dark hair, but it does not leave my hair feeling like there product in it.


3. Dove Dry Shampoo ($4)


This option is again, really great as well. The same goes for this one though, it only comes in one type and is a little bit harder to blend out, but the result is amazing and it smells SO GOOD! Like, I would buy a perfume that smells like this lol.


4. Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Dry Shampoo ($6)


This is one that I have tried most recently. It also only comes in one kind, but it is really easy to blend out and smells like Jolly Ranchers! I really like this one and love the results!


These products all basically do the same thing (especially the last three), but this is just to show how many great dry shampoo options there are at the drugstore that are very budget friendly. I cycle through all four of these and they are great products to try!