YouTube Made Me Buy It!- RCMA No Color Powder

Back again with another edition of “YouTube Made Me Buy It” and this time I am talking about a product I am sure you all have heard about- the RCMA No Color Powder! I purchased mine off of It is $12 on the site, but including shipping the grand total was about $17, BUT you get a full 3 ounces of product which is pretty awesome. For a full sized Laura Mercier loose setting powder (I have read that the RCMA is a dupe for this one), you will pay $40 for only one ounce of product.

So, is this product just hype? Keep reading to find out what I thought!


Just some quick background info: I first heard about this powder from “YouTube famous” beauty vlogger KathleenLights. She RAVED about this stuff and designated a full video just about this powder. In that video she said she first heard about this powder from makeup artist and also beauty vlogger Wayne Goss who also raved about this product. Since then I have seen so many beauty vloggers using and loving this powder and I have been wanting to get my hands on it ever since.

This powder claims to:

  • Have no color or pigment, so it will not altar the color of your foundation.
  • Will set concealer/ foundation without caking.
  • Not leave a white cast on the skin.
  • Have no flashback in photography.


Now that I finally got the product and tried it out, in my personal opinion, I completely agree! I am already OBSESSED with this powder! If you have dry skin- buy it. If you have oily skin- buy it. If you’re a makeup artist- buy it. If you’re not a makeup artist- buy it. This powder is just so amazing. You get so much product for such an affordable price, it is undetectable on the skin, it does not leave a white cast or flashback in photography, has no scent, and is as fine and soft as can be. This is a great powder if you are into “baking” the under eye area and other parts of the face or if you are just looking for a quick and easy setting powder. The only little gripe I have about this powder is that I wish it kept the shine under control as well as my Coty Air Spun powder does, but it is nothing that bothers me that bad or is extremely noticeable (especially because it does not claim to be a mattifying powder).

Again, I am completely in love with this product and definitely believe it is not just worth the hype. It performs as well as a luxury powder if not better and will last FOREVER!

I highly recommend this product for anyone who is on the market for a loose setting powder, whether you are on a budget or not!