DIY: MAC Fix + Spray

This DIY is going to be very easy and inexpensive! I already did a DIY on the Smashbox Primer Water that is so popular, so I decided to do another DIY for the MAC Fix + since it is more of a finishing spray (and probably one of MAC’s most popular products).

You will only need three things:

  • Distilled water
  • Glycerin
  • An empty spray bottle (I just reused my empty Wet N Wild setting spray bottle because the nozzle is AMAZING).

All you need to do is mix about a cup of distilled water with two tablespoons of glycerin. You can increase or decrease the measurements depending on the size of your spray bottle.

Yes, MAC Fix + does contain more ingredients than just water and glycerin, but water and glycerin are the two main ingredients in the product. This DIY spray will not necessarily make your skin look as dewey as the MAC one does (so this is actually good if you have oily skin and are afraid to look extra shiny) BUT it will take away any “powdery-ness” and help all your products to mesh together beautifully. This is also great to spray on the face before applying powder highlight for extra intensity, or on your brush to enhance your eyeshadow.


I hope y’all enjoyed this quick and simple DIY!

Instagram: @marinaleebeauty


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