July Beauty Favorites!

Here are all of my favorite products from the month of July! I have used all of these almost everyday and I don’t know what I was doing without them!


  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (non-waterproof)- I love using this on a cotton round to wipe away my eye makeup or just refresh/cleanse my skin throughout the day.
  • Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser- this stuff is an ancient drugstore skincare product but it is amazing! I love using this to break down my face makeup at the end of the day and then use the micellar water to wipe everything away. My face is left 100% makeup free after using this stuff!
  • The Carli Bybel & BH Cosmetics palette- I have been using this palette everyday since I got it so you could say I am completely obsessed! The quality of the shadows and highlighters is ridiculously amazing and if you do not have this palette, you need it in your life.
  • Makeup Revolution matte blush in Nude- The Makeup Revolution matte blushes are amazing! The pigmentation is great and they blend really easily on the skin. I have been loving this shade because it is a neutral blush and will go with any eye look or skin tone.
  • Too Faced Born This Way foundation- I have already raved about this foundation and it has definitely become my #1 favorite. Every time I have this stuff on, my skin never looks better. I am obsessed with this product and will always repurchase!
  • DIY Primer Water- I have a whole post/ recipe about this primer water and I have been using this to prime my face every time I do my makeup. This is my homemade dupe for the Smashbox Primer Water and I have definitely noticed a difference in the wear of my makeup throughout the day.
  • Makeup Forever Step 1 Mattifying Primer- If you have oily skin and are looking for the perfect mattifying primer, this is the one. Even for my oily skin, a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. This is hands down the best mattifying, long-wearing primer that I have ever used!
  • Revlon Lipgloss in Sandstorm- This has been my go-to lipgloss for the entire month! It is a very sheer pink shade with a touch of shimmer that will give your lips the perfect-looking glossy finish. I love using this on its own on lighter makeup days or overtop of any of my other lipsticks for a glossier finish.
  • Essence Make Me Brow- This is a near perfect dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow. In fact, I almost think anyone should scrap the idea of even purchasing the one from Benefit because they are literally the exact same product. I love using this just to comb through my brows and give them that “undone yet done” brow look. It also holds them in place all day.
  • Elf Powder Brush- I also have a post dedicated to this brush because it is just so awesome! It is called a powder brush but it is actually the perfect brush for contouring and even highlighting. It can be used for so many different things and I do not know where it has been all my life. And it was only $2!
  • Lastly, the Elf Crease Brush- I have been using this brush everyday whether it be to quickly add some bronzer in my crease or pack a shimmery shadow onto the lid, I cannot go through my everyday makeup without using this brush!

That’s all for my favorites this month! Hope y’all found something you will want to try out!

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