Hidden Gem At the Drugstore: Wet N Wild Concealer

Wet N Wild has quickly become one of my favorite drugstore brands and their Come Correct celebrity concealer ($5) is a product that definitely deserves more hype. I have mentioned this concealer on my blog a couple of times before, but it is so good that I just wanted to dedicate a whole post to it. Originally this was part of the Fergie line, but it seems like they just adjusted the packaging to fit in with their permanent products.

wet n wild conealer


This concealer is FULL COVERAGE. I typically do not go for full coverage concealers because they can be hard to blend out and too unnatural-looking, but I love this one! It will not crease on you as long as you set it with a powder after, but I do this with any concealer anyway. A little bit goes a long way and it blends out quite easily- especially if you use a damp beauty sponge, which is how I would recommend blending out this product. This concealer is also a great dupe for the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealer, so that is also a good thing to know!


The only downside to this product is that it does not come in a wide variety of shades. At my drugstore, I was only able to find shades light and medium beige (I got the medium shade, of course) and the medium shade is still on the lighter side. Online, there is another shade called medium golden, but it still looks to be too light if you have a deeper skin tone. Also, the three shades are for the most part on the warmer/ yellow side (except the fair shade) so that is also something to consider.

Overall, this is another Wet N Wild win in my makeup collection!