Hidden Gem At the Drugstore: Wet N Wild Concealer

Wet N Wild has quickly become one of my favorite drugstore brands and their Come Correct celebrity concealer ($5) is a product that definitely deserves more hype. I have mentioned this concealer on my blog a couple of times before, but it is so good that I just wanted to dedicate a whole post to it. Originally this was part of the Fergie line, but it seems like they just adjusted the packaging to fit in with their permanent products.

wet n wild conealer


This concealer is FULL COVERAGE. I typically do not go for full coverage concealers because they can be hard to blend out and too unnatural-looking, but I love this one! It will not crease on you as long as you set it with a powder after, but I do this with any concealer anyway. A little bit goes a long way and it blends out quite easily- especially if you use a damp beauty sponge, which is how I would recommend blending out this product. This concealer is also a great dupe for the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealer, so that is also a good thing to know!


The only downside to this product is that it does not come in a wide variety of shades. At my drugstore, I was only able to find shades light and medium beige (I got the medium shade, of course) and the medium shade is still on the lighter side. Online, there is another shade called medium golden, but it still looks to be too light if you have a deeper skin tone. Also, the three shades are for the most part on the warmer/ yellow side (except the fair shade) so that is also something to consider.

Overall, this is another Wet N Wild win in my makeup collection!

July Beauty Favorites!

Here are all of my favorite products from the month of July! I have used all of these almost everyday and I don’t know what I was doing without them!


  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (non-waterproof)- I love using this on a cotton round to wipe away my eye makeup or just refresh/cleanse my skin throughout the day.
  • Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser- this stuff is an ancient drugstore skincare product but it is amazing! I love using this to break down my face makeup at the end of the day and then use the micellar water to wipe everything away. My face is left 100% makeup free after using this stuff!
  • The Carli Bybel & BH Cosmetics palette- I have been using this palette everyday since I got it so you could say I am completely obsessed! The quality of the shadows and highlighters is ridiculously amazing and if you do not have this palette, you need it in your life.
  • Makeup Revolution matte blush in Nude- The Makeup Revolution matte blushes are amazing! The pigmentation is great and they blend really easily on the skin. I have been loving this shade because it is a neutral blush and will go with any eye look or skin tone.
  • Too Faced Born This Way foundation- I have already raved about this foundation and it has definitely become my #1 favorite. Every time I have this stuff on, my skin never looks better. I am obsessed with this product and will always repurchase!
  • DIY Primer Water- I have a whole post/ recipe about this primer water and I have been using this to prime my face every time I do my makeup. This is my homemade dupe for the Smashbox Primer Water and I have definitely noticed a difference in the wear of my makeup throughout the day.
  • Makeup Forever Step 1 Mattifying Primer- If you have oily skin and are looking for the perfect mattifying primer, this is the one. Even for my oily skin, a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. This is hands down the best mattifying, long-wearing primer that I have ever used!
  • Revlon Lipgloss in Sandstorm- This has been my go-to lipgloss for the entire month! It is a very sheer pink shade with a touch of shimmer that will give your lips the perfect-looking glossy finish. I love using this on its own on lighter makeup days or overtop of any of my other lipsticks for a glossier finish.
  • Essence Make Me Brow- This is a near perfect dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow. In fact, I almost think anyone should scrap the idea of even purchasing the one from Benefit because they are literally the exact same product. I love using this just to comb through my brows and give them that “undone yet done” brow look. It also holds them in place all day.
  • Elf Powder Brush- I also have a post dedicated to this brush because it is just so awesome! It is called a powder brush but it is actually the perfect brush for contouring and even highlighting. It can be used for so many different things and I do not know where it has been all my life. And it was only $2!
  • Lastly, the Elf Crease Brush- I have been using this brush everyday whether it be to quickly add some bronzer in my crease or pack a shimmery shadow onto the lid, I cannot go through my everyday makeup without using this brush!

That’s all for my favorites this month! Hope y’all found something you will want to try out!

First Impression: Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

I am a HUGE fan of the Better Skin concealers from Maybelline, so I wanted to try out the foundation from the line to see how I like it as well. It is priced at $11.99 on the website but  I got mine for $10- it just depends on where you purchase it from, but it will be in the $10 range. Before I get my review of this product, here are what the foundation claims to do:

  • Contains SPF 15 and ACTYL C (basically this is Vitamin C- the bottle says it is known for its antioxidant benefits)
  • Oil-Free formula
  • All-day color wear
  • Improves the look of your skin in 3 weeks by reducing the appearance of spots, bumps, dullness and redness. I have not had this foundation for three weeks but I will put updates on my Twitter and Periscope (@marinaleebeauty).

better skin

My Review:

As a first impression, I am really loving this foundation! I have the shade 30 Warm Nude and it is a perfect match for my medium/olive skin. This foundation comes in 15 shades (they recently added 4 deeper shades) from very light to very deep so I think that you would be able to find the right shade for any skin tone. Also there is a good mix of cool, neutral, and warm tones. The bottle or Maybelline website does not say what the coverage or finish of the foundation is supposed to be, but in my opinion 1 layer gives a good medium coverage but it can easily be built up to provide full coverage without looking cakey. The finish is on the natural-matte side, so it seems like it would be great for all skin types. Also, no matter how close up I get to the mirror, I cannot even tell that there is a layer of foundation on my face, it just looks like a better version of my own skin (hence the name lol) and I do not need to set it with a powder.

I have heard that this foundation could be a dupe for the Too Faced Born This Way foundation (my all time favorite!). I can see why these could be dupes because both give the appearance of better-looking skin but everything else about them is different in my opinion. The Too Faced foundation has a thicker consistency and has a more natural/ demi-matte finish. I also need to set the Too Faced one with a powder and with the Better Skin, it dries down matte enough to where I do not feel like I need to set it. Either way, I still am loving the Better Skin foundation and it is giving my Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless a run for its money!

Hidden Gem At the Drugstore: NYC Loose Powders

I am a sucker for a good translucent powder and I had seen some really good reviews on the NYC Smooth Skin loose face powders ($4) so I decided to give them a try and review them for you guys!

I have the shades Translucent and Naturally Beige and let me just say, these powders are AWESOME!!

nyc powder

Naturally Beige has a hint of color, so it is great for setting the entire face. It is light enough though that you could use it to set the under eye area, but I think the Translucent works even better for that. This powder is so lightweight and soft that it is almost undetectable on the skin. I might even like this powder better than my Coty Air-Spun powder just because that one is quite heavy. The NYC powder has no scent and is great if you are into baking your makeup. I have not noticed a flashback or any white cast with these powders, but just like with any translucent powder, you want to really make sure you blend it in and brush it away really really well.

Since I bought these, I have not even touched my other translucent powders or setting powders. These are beautiful powders that give the skin a flawless finish so I definitely recommend giving these a try!

Hidden Gem At the Drugstore!

This is the Elf “Powder Brush” and I do not know where this brush has been all my life. I picked this up at Target for only $2 and it has become a brush that I have been using almost everyday. I am not sure why it is called a powder brush because it is not big enough to be an all over face powder brush. So, I do not necessarily use this for setting my face, but it has become my favorite brush for just about everything else.

This $2 brush is great for powder contouring, cream contouring, setting the under eye area, highlighting, touching up with powder, and probably a ton of other things. The brush hairs are dense enough to blend out contour beautifully, yet soft enough to apply highlighter to the cheekbones without it looking streaky. This is also a great dupe for an already inexpensive brush, the Morphe m530.

elf powder brush

I feel like the white brushes from Elf are not as popular just because the quality is not always as good as their studio line of brushes, but this one is a must-have in my opinion!

Product Review: The Best Foundation EVER!

I am a big fan of drugstore foundations because I have found a few great ones that I reach for over my more high end options. However, I have found nothing that matches up to the Too Faced “Born This Way” liquid foundation ($39).

too faced

This foundation is by far the best foundation I have ever used! I even like it better than the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk liquid foundation that I raved about, and even though this Too Faced one is still a higher end foundation, it is way less expensive than the Armani one.

This foundation can work for ANY skin type- dry, combo, oily, etc. If you are a makeup artist, this is a great foundation to have because it is so universal and looks great on everyone!

Product Description (from Too Faced website):

  • Comes in 18 shades (they recently added six new shades!)
  • Oil-free formula
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Demi- matte finish
  • Infused with coconut water to give the skin a hydrated look without appearing greasy
  • Infused with Alpine Rose to give the skin a naturally brighter look and promote elasticity
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid to give the skin a more balanced and youthful appearance


This foundation is medium to full coverage, but it does not feel heavy whatsoever (so it is still a great everyday foundation) and even when I look up close in the mirror, it does not even look like I am wearing foundation! It just looks like a better version of my own skin! When I am wearing this foundation, my skin and makeup has never looked more flawless. Even though this foundation is not specifically geared towards oily skin types, I still do not get extremely greasy or oily throughout the day. The longest I have ever worn this foundation is about 6 hours, but I think I could still get a good 8 hour wear out of this (I don’t like to wear makeup for longer than 8 hours anyway).

Hopefully this post was helpful for anyone wanting to try this foundation specifically or if anyone is on the hunt for their perfect foundation. This is the best foundation I have ever tried so far, drugstore or high end.

June Beauty Favorites!

I have a bunch of beauty products that I have been loving this month! Some of these I have had for a while that I have re-discovered and have been using the heck out of!

Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer in “Bikini Contest” 

june 13

This bronzer is GORGEOUS! It is the perfect bronze shade. The texture is very smooth and the pigmentation is great. This is not a matte bronzer, but it is also not glittery at all. It just gives the perfect bronzed and glowy look, perfect for summer. I would not recommend using this as a contour shade or if you are very fair because it is very warm- toned.

Covergirl Tru Blend Bronzer in “Bronze”

june 6

This is another drugstore bronzer that I have been obsessed with. This one is more subtle than the Wet N Wild one and is not as warm. This bronzer will work better with a wider variety of skin tones. Again, this is not a matte bronzer, but is not super glittery and gives a gorgeous summer glow.

Lancome Blush Subtil in “Blushing Tresor”

june 7

This is a beautiful blush that I have been using almost everyday. It is a peachy toned blush with golden reflects in it, so it gives a natural flushed and highlighted look.

MAC Eyeshadow in “Nylon”

june 10

This is one of MAC’s most popular eyeshadows and in my opinion, it is the perfect brow bone and inner corner highlight. It is a frosty highlight shade with a slight yellow undertone and it absolutely gorgeous. After using it for the first time, I understood why everyone always talks about this shade!

Wet N Wild MegaGlo Illuminating Palette june 1

This highlighting palette is so pretty! The colors are gorgeous and can be used individually or you can mix them all together. I love how the strips are big enough to dip your brush into each one if you just want a specific shade. There is a lot of kick off when you go to pick up the product with a brush, but the pigmentation is great and it looks beautiful on the cheekbones.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Air-Dry Waves foam 

june 8

I am not a big fan of putting styling products in my hair, but I love this stuff! It does not leave my hair feeling “crunchy” and gives a beachy wave look. My hair is already naturally wavy/ curly so this just enhances in a way that looks natural and effortless. All I do is I apply 2-3 pumps into the palm of my hands and massage/ squeeze it into my hair from root to tip. It gives great volume and reduces some of the frizz.

Murad Oil- Control Mattifier  

june 9

This product has been a life saver for me all month! You apply it as a moisturizer (I only like to use it on the days I am going to be doing my makeup) and it does a great job of keeping oily skin at bay. I also do not have any issues applying makeup over top of this, but you can still use your everyday makeup primer overtop of this between the Murad and your makeup. It is a pretty thick consistency (feels like my normal facial sunscreen) but it does not feel heavy and sinks into the skin quickly.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo 

june 2

This might seem like an odd product, but this has been my favorite way to clean my brushes. It leaves them feeling extremely soft, rinses out really easily, and of course gets every bit of makeup out of the brush hairs.

Elf Stipple Brush

june 5

This has been my favorite brush to apply bronzer and even blush. The brush hairs are really soft and not too dense so they apply product very softly and evenly. Love it!

Real Techniques Small Setting Brush & Retractible Bronzing Brush 


The small setting brush is the only brush I have been using to set my under eye area and other places I have applied concealer. I have also been using this brush to clean up my contour underneath the cheekbone because it is just the perfect size!

The retractible bronzing brush has been my go-to brush not for bronzer, but for foundation. It is a stipple brush, but the brush hairs are more densely packed than the Elf stipple brush, so I find that it applied foundation beautifully without leaving patches and soaking up too much product.

Lip Combo: Wet N Wild MegaLast lipstick in “Just Peachy” and NYX Butter Gloss in “Fortune Cookie” 

I have been using this lip combo basically every time I have done my makeup the past few weeks. Y’all already know how much I love the NYX Butter Glosses, but this shade just looks so good just applied in the center of the lips overtop of the Wet N Wild lipstick. This combo looks so pretty with bronzed makeup!

Makeup Guide: Must Have Brushes (Drugstore)

My two favorite makeup brush brands from the drugstore are from Elf and Real Techniques. In my opinion, these are some of the best brushes on the market in general, not just at the drugstore. While I love all the brushes from both brands, these are the staples that I think every makeup lover should have in their collection!


I love Elf brushes! They are extremely good quality yet very affordable. I personally use their face brushes more often than the eye brushes but they are all amazing!

Ultimate Blending Brush ($6)

I use this brush to apply foundation every time I do my makeup. It has replaced my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki as my go- to foundation brush.

elf 1


Stipple Brush ($4) and the Small Stipple Brush ($3)

I love to use the larger stipple brush to apply my blush. This might sound odd but it gives a beautiful and even application every time! It is also great for bronzer. The small stipple brush is hands down the best brush to blend out cream products (contour and blush). Using this brush makes it so easy and quick. The small stipple is also a dupe for the MAC 130.



Small Tapered Brush ($3)

I love using this brush to set my under eye area or dust off any baking. To be honest I am not sure what the actual purpose is of this brush, but I use it everyday and it is awesome to set areas of the face with powder.

elf 3

Blending Brush ($6)

I love using this brush for contouring. It is fluffy enough to blend out the product and make the contour look “natural”, but flat enough to really fit into the hallow under the cheekbone.

elf 4

Eyelash and Brow Spoolie ($1)

This is just your typical spoolie brush, but for a buck it is perfect for combing out the brow hairs before and after applying product. I use this everyday and even though it just seems so simple and unnecessary, I cannot go a day without using this one!

elf 6

Real Techniques 

Real Techniques is my absolute favorite brand of drugstore brushes (Tip: Ulta usually has them on sale for buy one get one half off!). The quality of these brushes is just out of this world and they are so inexpensive! I use their face and eye brushes over some of my more expensive brushes every day! It is really hard for me to narrow down my absolute favorites but here are the ones I use on a daily basis!

Miracle Complexion Sponge ($6)

This is my favorite makeup sponge on the market! All I can say is that using this sponge has made me regret spending the $20 on the original Beauty Blender. rt 1

Blush Brush ($9)

This is the best brush (for any price range) for applying blush. It just allows for an easy and even application. It is also great for bronzing up the face.

rt 4

Powder Brush ($10)

I love this brush for setting my makeup with powder or for applying bronzer as well. If I am in a hurry, I just use this to brush on some translucent powder and bronzer and I am good to go! I just love how big and luxurious this brush feels as well.

rt 5

Retractible Stipple Brush ($10)

I love this brush so much I can’t stand it! It is travel friendly which is always a plus and the brush hairs are the perfect density. That sounds strange, but when you use this brush you will understand what I am talking about. I love using this to apply bronzer and even foundation. It does not leave a streaky finish (due to the perfect density of the bristles) and I am just obsessed with it. If I had to pick one brush from Real Techniques, it would be this one.

rt 2

Setting Brush ( $8)

I love using this brush for setting the under eye area and dusting off any baking. It is also great for getting a really precise contour and really carve out those cheekbones. If I am in a hurry, I also like using this brush to use whatever bronzer I have out to pop in my crease if I am in a rush and going for a more natural look.

rt 3

Starter Set ($11-18)

The price on this set has a larger range because on the actual Real Techniques site is is $18, but I got mine on drugstore.com for $12. I love this brush set so much and there is not one brush from the set that I do not use. The first brush is great for applying a cream base and blending that out, the second brush is a awesome crease brush, the third is the perfect size for smoking out the bottom lash line, the fourth I like to use if I want to apply a dark eyeshadow as a liner, and the last brush I use to fill in my brows or on the bottom lash line as well.

rt 6

I really hope this was helpful to some of y’all looking for great drugstore brush options! I know Elf and Real Techniques are already extremely well known brands but I just wanted to share my favorites!


Best Of: Wet N Wild Cosmetics


I have mentioned Wet N Wild products so many times in my blog posts, but for such an inexpensive brands, a lot of their products are so amazing! I have not tried every product from the line, but here are my favorite products from Wet N Wild that I have tried and use religiously.

*All prices listed come from the Wet N Wild website*

MegaLast Lip Color ($1.99)

wet 1

These lipsticks are a common favorite from the brand, but they really are fantastic. The formula is a little dry at first, but if you warm it up a little on the back of your hand you will get an even application that is opaque and budge- proof all day long.

MegaLast Nail Color/ Polish ($1.99)

wet 2

These are some of my favorite polishes from the drugstore! The brush on these polishes is amazing and allows for a flawless application. The colors are also gorgeous! I like some of these polishes better than ones from OPI!

ColorIcon Blushes ($2.99)

wet 3

These blushes are also a common favorite. All of the shades are beautiful and they apply evenly and are not patchy at all! They have matte and shimmer shades for a blush/ highlighted look.

PhotoFocus Setting Spray ($4.99)

wet 5

I only like two setting sprays from the drugstore and this is one of them! I find that it sets and prolongs the wear of my makeup really well. The only downside is that the spray is not as fine as I would like, but that has never ruined my makeup and it still does the job.

Reserve Your Cabana “Bronzer” ($3.99)

wet 4

I already have a full post dedicated to this gem so I won’t go too much into detail. If you don’t have this product in your makeup collection, I seriously recommend going and picking it up. It is a gorgeous subtle highlight for any skin tone!

MegaGlo Contouring Palettes ($4.99)

I have also talked about these two on my blog as well but they are SO GOOD! You get a ton of product and the formula is a powder, but the consistency is so smooth and soft it almost feels like a cream. These blend beautifully and have great pigmentation. If you are looking for a drugstore contour kit option, definitely pick these up.

MegaGlo Illuminating Palette ($4.99)

wet 7

This highlight palette is so pretty! It is more intense than the Reserve Your Cabana one I talked about above if you want something with a little more glow power. Again, you get a good amount of product and the strips are big enough to just pick up one shade, or combine all four shades for a beautiful highlight.

Pink and White Brushes ($0.99-$2.99)

wet 8

All of these brushes are FANTASTIC! I am obsessed with them and use them everyday. They are so incredibly soft and for the price you would pay for one MAC brush, you could get every brush from this collection! I cannot say enough about these, they are just great, great brushes for any price range.

These next two products I could not find on the Wet N Wild website, but I have seen them in the drugstore.

PhotoFocus Eyeshadow Primer ($4.99)- This eye primer is amazing and it works the same, if not better, than the Urban Decay one!

ColorIcon Ombre Blushes ($4.99)- These are shimmery blushes but are so pretty! You can use them as a blush, blush topper, or as a highlight depending on which part of the ombre you pick up with your blush! They blend and apply just as well as the original ColorIcon blushes and are just so good.

Hidden Gem At the Drugstore!: Essence Lash Princess

Essence is another inexpensive brand (found on the drugstore side of Ulta) that can be hit or miss but I have found THE BEST mascara from this brand for less than $5!

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara ($4.99)

lash princess

First of all, the packaging is absolutely adorable, but it is the wand and product inside that creates the magic. This mascara claims to give a false lash effect and it definitely does!

**I apologize in advance for my ratchet- looking eyebrows lol!**

My lashes uncurled with no product.


My lashes curled with no product.


One coat of product.


Two coats of product.


Hands down, this mascara has quickly become my favorite drugstore mascara! It knocks my previous go- to lengthening mascara (Covergirl Super Sizer) out of the water. I will say, it is not the best for adding volume and if you apply too much it can look a little clumpy. I recommend giving your lashes one good coat with the Lash Princess, letting it dry, and then going in with your favorite volumizing mascara and focusing that at the base of your lashes. This seems a little high maintenance but I swear you will have a great lash day every time!

Definitely go out and pick up this mascara, I have quickly become obsessed!